The Tao of Badass Review

The Tao of Badass is a website guide dedicated to help hapless and clueless men get better with women. They have a collection of information, videos and articles which they profess will make men more prolific when it comes to picking up or seducing the women they are currently pursuing.

Website Content

The website hosts a certain amount of information online and it is segregated accordingly –

  • The Book – The book is an EBook which contains the summary of the information that the guide hosts on their website. It is a collection of summarized tidbits from their articles that have been posted on the website. The EBook costs a whopping 97$.
  • Videos – The website hosts 10 videos and all of them are shared freely with everyone. All the videos are steps on how to attract women being fittingly named “10 Fool proof Steps to Attract Hotter Women”.
  • Articles – The website hosts a certain amount of articles which are accessible to every visitor regardless of his membership and then there are certain articles which can only be accessed if you have a membership.


Author’s Perspective and Claims

The author of the book and the person who owns the domain is Joshua Pellicer. He claims to be a perfectly normal guy who just created a system of his own, after trying and failing out the steps he found on the web. He claims to have studied the parts of the web study that actually worked for him and from his study he claims he has developed a fool-proof method after linking together all those parts that worked. With this linking he says he stumbled upon a method which worked. This guide is the method that has culminated from Joshua’s study.

Joshua first started by working out his method after he introduced a class to the people. In his about section on the website, Joshua claims that his class got booked for 3 months on the first day of his admission procedure. This was when Joshua knew that the book was a sensation. He also goes on to claim that his research and study on Attracting Women got the attention of Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, and The NY Daily News.



In wrapping up, the Tao of Badass Review states that it is not a game changing affair. It is just a set of simple steps that have been exaggerated by ruthless PR campaigns to make it feel a large amount more than what it is. The steps and methods provided are not innovative and can instead be found easily on the internet for free.